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As on 24 November, 2020

Fund Name SFIN Nav
Equity Fund ULIF00116/06/08EQUITYFUND136 27.7479
Growth Fund ULIF00216/06/08GROWTHFUND136 27.8587
Balanced Fund ULIF00316/06/08BLNCEDFUND136 29.2993
Debt Fund ULIF00409/07/08INDEBTFUND136 29.5499
Liquid Fund ULIF00514/07/08LIQUIDFUND136 22.0382
Equity II Fund ULIF00607/01/10EQUTYIIFND136 22.1852
Growth II Fund ULIF00707/01/10GROWTIIFND136 23.8161
Balanced II Fund ULIF00807/01/10BLNCDIIFND136 23.4486
Growth Plus Fund ULIF00913/09/10GROWTPLFND136 20.5107
Balanced Plus Fund ULIF01013/09/10BLNCDPLFND136 20.7821
Debt Plus Fund ULIF01115/09/10DEBTPLFUND136 22.2286
NAV Guarantee Fund series 1 ULIF01215/04/11NAVGFUNDSI136 20.0316
Discontinued Policy Fund ULIF01319/09/11POLDISCFND136 18.6369
Pension Growth Fund ULIF01405/11/15PENSGROFND136 12.9546
India Multi-Cap Equity Fund ULIF01816/08/16IMCAPEQFND136 14.4963
Policyholders Unclaimed Monies Fund ULIF01901/04/16UNCLAIMFND136 13.0409
Pension Discontinued Policy Fund ULIF01705/11/15PENSDISFND136 11.7755
Emerging Leaders Equity Fund ULIF02020/12/17EMLEDEQFND136 10.5337
Pension Balanced Fund ULIF01505/11/15PENSBALFND136 10.1916
Large Cap Advantage Fund ULIF02109/06/20LARCPADFND136 11.0420

Change in the valuation policy of Equity Share

Pursuant to IRDA circular ref - IRDA/F&I/INV/CIR/213/10/2013 dated 30th October 2013, the Investment committee of the Company has selected National Stock Exchange (NSE) as its primary exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as its secondary exchange. Hence, the Company with effect from 11th Nov 2013, will use the closing price of NSE for valuation of equity shares. In case if such security is not listed/traded on NSE, the closing price of BSE will be used. Until then, the current practice of valuing the equity shares at lower of closing price at NSE or BSE will continue.

Now you can exercise the option of switching and redirection instantly without any documentation

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